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No matter where you are with your business, the best time to start building your audience is always NOW.

In fact, the best time to build an audience is BEFORE you launch your business.

So, what are you waiting for?

So, if you do have a business but you haven't actively started building an audience yet, then wait no longer ......... get started now

When is the best time to start building an audience ??
NOW ! 

"We all know that social media can be a powerful marketing tool and I have repeatedly read that we need to "tell our story, know your why or find your tribe to sell to" but Tze Ching explains exactly HOW to do this."

- Julia scott

More clarity in what content to create

A lack of clarity often leads to procrastination but when you know what to create and post, you can just get on with it.

More time to do what you need to do in your business

Creating and posting content is often very time consuming. Creating an effective and repeatable system will help you save a lot of time, to do what you need to do.

More consistency in content 

I am sure you have heard it before consistency matters. Yes, it really does and the best way to get consistent is to put a simple system in place. 

GEt clear on your marketing strategy:

Businesses, especially purpose-driven ones, don't need followers. They need Super Fans. Super Fans are the people who will buy your products AND help you promote them to all their friends and family. They will help your company grow. 

This programme will help you build a digital marketing strategy that helps attract them to you. 

The Organic Digital marketing Success formula


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module 1 /
The Digital Marketing Eco System 

In this class you will gain insight into the entire digital marketing eco system. Each part of your marketing strategy should form part of the eco-system, so it is important that you have a good overview before you begin building it out. 

What We'll Work on: 
- What Is Digital Marketing
- The Power of Social Media 
- What Platforms To Use
- The Basics of Content Marketing
- Get Blogging
- The Power of E-mail Marketing

Course breakdown:

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module 2 / Identifying Your Purpose

In this module, we will help you clarify your purpose. 
This is something that is essential for us to get as much clarity on as possible before we start working on our marketing strategies. 
The more clarity you have on your purpose, your why, the easier it becomes for your super fans find and follow you. 

What We'll Work on: 
- Identifying Your Purpose
- How to Write a Powerful Purpose Statement
- How to Write an Engaging Social Media Bio

teach me plz

module 3 / Identifying Your Ideal Customer

You have probably already heard this but you need to know who your ideal customers are, in order to effectively attract them to you. 

In marketing, it is as essential to repel those that aren't right fit for you, as it is to attract those who are. 

- What We'll Work on: 
- How to Attract your Super Fans
- How To Interview Your Ideal Customers
- How To Use Facebook Insights
- Where Are Your Perfect Customers

teach me plz

module 4 / Create a Simple Strategy That Works

By now, we know what our purpose is and we know who it is that we would like to attract. It is time to get to work and create a simple strategy that works for YOU.

What We'll Work on: 
- How The Ultimate content Formula Works
- Understanding The Customer Journey
- Generating Content Ideas
- How to Use One Idea Many Ways
- How to Use the Same Post Across Multiple Platforms
- Basics of How To Use Canva

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module 5 / Getting Organised

In this module we will work on getting you organised.

One of the most common reasons why people can't get consistent with their marketing is because they haven't got everything organized AHEAD of time. The more organized you can get, the easier it will be to follow through on your tasks. 

What We'll Work on: 
- A View of How I organize my Folders and Spreadsheets
- An Overview of Different Scheduling Tools
- How to schedule Stories on Facebook Business Suite
- Time Management and Goal-setting Tools

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module 6 / Analyse, Rinse and Repeat

Only what gets measured and analysed can get improved. 
Digital Marketing is all about analysing, improving and doing more of what works and less of what doesn't and if something works really well, then we just repeat it ! 

What We'll Work on: 
- How to Easily Analyse Your Data
- Instagram Insights
- Facebook Insights
- Business Suite Insights
- Agora Pulse Insights

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MODULE 7 / Outsourcing

As an entrepreneur, especially in the early stages, we often do EVERYTHING but that is not always the best strategy or even productive.

Having gone through this programme, you are now in a great position to start delegating some of your marketing work ( If you so wish) but I suggest that you, as the business owner, should stay an integral part of the marketing front. Remember, no one knows your purpose better than you. 

What We'll Work on: 
- What to have ready before you hire 
- Sign of a good marketing manager
- How to start building a dream team

Hello there.

I'm tze Ching.

People and nature fascinate me.
Can we be kinder, greener, and more inclusive through marketing? I believe it’s possible.

In my work, I combine my passions and entrepreneurial experience with helping purpose-driven business owners (like myself) grow their businesses and increase their impact.
My mission is to create a community of global changemakers and to contribute to positive change in both people and the planet.
Let’s imagine that world and make it happen.

purpose driven, creative, strategic, coach, marketer






By the end of this programme,
you’ll be able to:

How does this sound?

Know how to build a strategy that helps you attract your Super Fans to your business

Be able to successfully manage your own digital marketing

Be able to identify what and who to outsource to if necessary

Be able to batch create your content so you can work ON your business.

Clearly understand your audience and how to speak to them, so they will love and support you. 


More importantly, you will have a proven system in place to help you brainstorm and create content quickly.

IS business.

no marketing. no sales.
no impact.”

- tze ching yeung

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Grab your seat today and learn how to sell without being salesy.

Selling can sometimes feel a bit "icky" right? Learn in this lesson some sales strategies that you can use WITHOUT having to sound like a car-sales man ( sorry if you are one but it is a good example of an "icky" sales person ... )


Have total clarity of the purpose of your business and how to communicate it.

Be able to create more engaging content that helps build trust with your ideal customers, in less time!

Be able to clearly articulate what you do and who you do it for on demand CONFIDENTLY.

Have a clear actionable plan in place for scaling your marketing and taking things to the next level. 

Know exactly WHAT to post and what to say on Social Media so you can get on with it.

Be able to build a network of super fans who wants to buy your products and services.

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Study at your own pace

Weekly coaching calls


Follow a proven roadmap

Overcome the overwhelm of creating content

Building a marketing strategy that works

Attracting your dream clients and build genuine connections

Get consistent with your content creation and posting 

Creating and sustaining marketing processes and systems for added efficiency and profitability. 

Regain more control of your time for working ON your business. 

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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You need to get more clarity in your marketing strategy

You're totally happy with where you are

spend less time on content creation

YOu don't want to make a difference or impact

you're ready to scale your impact 

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